Amalfitain Coast and Sorrento

The Amalfitain Coast or Costiera Amalfitana is a stunning coastline set along the rugged mountains and winds down the western coast of Italy from Sorrento to Salerno in the region of Campania.

This is one of the most requested tours. Especially for shore excursions. It lasts 8/9 hours stopping in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi. Our speaking English driver, Eddy, will drive along the coast trhough many miles of hairpin turns offering spectacular vistas with changing views of landscapes. Rocks plunging vertically in to the clear sea, charming fishing villages, with brightly colored boats set in the small harbors, vibrant vegetation and colorful flowering plants, houses and hotels nestled high in the rocks above the winding coastline all contrasting dramatically with the brilliant blues of the Mediterranean waters.

First stop is in Sorrento to have an orientation tour of the village. Poets and writers have described Sorrento as the land of colors and mermaids. Sorrento is indeed a very pretty city where kindness and hospitality are a combination that is handed down from one generation to the next.

Sorrento historical centre is the ideal place for buying local souvenirs: Typical hand-crafted marquetry, hand-stitched tablecloths, coloured handmade sandals, distilleries and local gastronomic products.

The inlaid wooden marquetry realized by the Sorrentine artisans, they patiently and skill fully decorate wooden objects with delicate inlays creating a variety of patterns and colours. Their workshops are lined with piles of small boxes pressed into clamps,then  put out in open air for the  glue to dry in the sun. This gives character and colour to the streets making pleasant to walk all around the old town.

As we make our way to Amalfi, we will stop in Positano from above and glimpse its buildings clinging to the rocks. Positano is a vertical village. Houses are organized as a coloured cascade along the hills. They are built on the rocks and look towards the blue sea, the narrow streets and the clean and nice beaches. We reach Amalfi for a visit, whose origins date back to both the Roman and Byzantine Empires. It once rivaled Genoa and Pisa in its maritime importance, still retains its fishing traditions today and is also known as the home of handmade paper. The first view of Amalfi is unforgettable, with its tightly packed villas and palaces seeming to tumble down the cliff side into the fishing port and beach below. In the  main square of Amalfi we find the majestic  Cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew.

According to the time we can reach Ravello . Ravello is a very quiet and chic village known all over the world for its wonderful panorama that once enchanted Richard Wagner and the great Greta Garbo.

The day tour will be full of unforgettable emotions from the beginning to the end. You will meet local people and will listening to their stories of common life and will taste local food: lemons, limoncello, fresh fish and sweet cakes. Don’t wait. Come and join us!


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