acheloo viaggi, Amalfi and the Coast

I founded Acheloo Tour in 2004. Always pursuing the idea of a different tourism in Campania, in places still not touched by masses.
Discovering without “visiting” a place but “living” an authentic experience.

I didn’t want to take a person just for a “touristic” walk in Naples, in Caserta, in Sorrento or to the Amalfi Coast. Campania is not only Pompei and Vesuvio, the pizza and spaghetti!

Campania is the region of sun and shadow, of culture and chaos mixed together. That’s why I wanted to take my customer to be “Neapolitan” for no matter if one day or for a week, looking around as an insider. Paying attention to the nature and to history, to local culture joined to the food and wine.

“Living” Campania as an insider means to involve of the area who will be engaged in the organization of events and thematic itineraries.

The village, or the streets of the town, become a “living theater”, the inhabitants will be the protagonists who will take our guest through a path that will involve the five senses, treating him as an old friend:


1- HEARING: with your eyes closed, our guides will help you listen to those voices around, which, taken from the daily “noisy” life, we have forgotten

2- TOUCH: touch a leaf, the trunk of a tree, a flower, the cold marble of a Romanesque church and go back in time, to another dimension

3 –SMELL: the scents of local cuisine will delight you as you are walking through the streets of a village

4 – TASTE: after being inebriated by the scents of the kitchen, you are ready to taste the dishes prepared.

5- VIEW: the thrill of being embraced by the beauty of a landscape, valleys, rolling hills, towering mountains, woods, the delicate colors of medieval villages, the intricate and fascinating beauty of the old cities.


Come and be protagonist of your trip!

Nothing is impossible.  Just ask!

acheloo viaggi
acheloo viaggi, Amalfi and the Coast
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