Naples, the old town, narrow streets, pizza, coffee and sfogliatella

Enjoy Naples our way .

It’s true what the guide books say. Naples has not the romance of Venice or the style of Rome. But what it has got is bags of character. secure web login . It’s gritty, it’s noisy, but that’s where the appeal lies. This is an authentic slice of southern Italian life, complete with washing strung out between buildings and honking old cars weaving through the streets.

Naples may be noisy, overcrowded, and a bit intimidating, but it is also intriguing and appealing. Proud birthplace of Pizza which is midway between refined cuisine and traditional working-class meal, Neapolitan pizza became one of the main dishes and a symbol of Neapolitan cuisine since the 18th Century. The city’s history remains a fundamental component of present society and it is revealed in many archaeological ruins, monuments and buildings.

Come with us to discover the city towards to the famous shopping street of Via Toledo where we will see the typical streets of the “Spanish Quarter”: the alleys, the heart of the True Naples, among narrow streets and hanging clothes. We will have a sweet little break to try the real Neapolitan coffee with the famous “sfogliatella “, in one of the oldest bakery of Naples.

We continue towards to the old town where we will meet our guide. She will tell us about old stories and legends of love and unfortunate “little skull” venerated by Neapolitan people and linked to the Neapolitan tradition. We will pass among the old shops of craftsmen: the luthiers, the artisans making cribs, the booksellers, the potters, The Hospital of dolls.

We will see the most beautiful places and monuments of the historic center, passing through the famous “Spaccanapoli” and the particular Via San Gregorio Armeno famous for Christmas shopping.

It will be a unique opportunity to learn about the odd habits of the people of Naples! Come to visit us!

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